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Why the name Goal30?

Goal is a simple word that carries positive meaning. Goal connotes movement, improvement, accomplishment.

30 comes from the fact that it takes at least 21 days to make or break a habit.Thirty seems an appropriate number.

Goal [gohl]

the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.

thir·ty [thur-tee]

A cardinal number 10 times 3; a symbol for this number.

Goal30 October 2013

1)  I will read the Texas Lawyer's Creed with an attitude of inspiration.

2)  I will reflect on my personal habits and personality as they relate to the Creed.

I will conduct my professional activities in accordance with the Creed.


4)  I will encourage  three other attorneys to commit to Goal30.

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Suggested Things to do During the Program (Under Construction)

The pledge itself is simple.  The following are suggested actions which will support the idea behind the pledge, but they are not the pledge.  These are also under construction waiting for input as to appropriateness, etc.

    1. Reread:
      1. The Texas Lawyer's Creed. Follow it and you are good for the month!
      2. Have your staff read the Paralegal Creed.
      3. TFC 3, 6, 7, 8, 9
      4. TFC 101-107, 109
      5. TFC 151, 153-157
      6. Any other Code sections that you use regulaly in your practice.
    2. Spend 5 minutes talking to 3 attorneys that you do not know well.  Do not talk about cases, learn something about them as a person, not a lawyer.
    3. Go over the Texas Lawyer's Creed with your clients. Help them understand what professional lawyering looks like.
    4. Be 5 minutes early, not just on time.
    5. Be prepared with all documents expected to be necessary.
    6. Dress professionally.
    7. Be respectful in your choice of words and attitude at all times.
    8. Think before you speak.