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Why the name Goal30?

Goal is a simple word that carries positive meaning. Goal connotes movement, improvement, accomplishment.

30 comes from the fact that it takes at least 21 days to make or break a habit.Thirty seems an appropriate number.

Goal [gohl]

the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.

thir·ty [thur-tee]

A cardinal number 10 times 3; a symbol for this number.


These suggestions are NOT part of the pledge.They are however things that if you do them will make it easier to be mindful and connect to your clients and opposing in a way that facilitates following the creed.

  1. Read the Four Agreements

  2. Watch this video with Brene Brown.

  3. Reward good behaviour.  We all know that clients look at reviews.  Rather than be concerned about being at a competitive disadvantage by saying something positive about another attorney, let's let the public understand that good behavior is a sign of a good attorney and to be expected.  Clients do not know necessarily know what good lawyering looks like.  Let us try to mold their expectations by positive praise of acts of professionalism. Thanks to Keith Spencer for this idea and props to Craig Jackson for figuring this out on his own.

    1. Post positive interactions with our brethern on the listserve.

    2. Post positive interactions with attorneys on their Linked in, Avvo, MH, Layers.com, Yelp profiles.

  4. When you are feeling irritable, have a friend talk you out of the mood.

  5. Dress formally for court.  Yes, that means consider suits. The more formally you dress, the more aware you will be of the importance of your professional role and acting in accordance with that becomes easier. 

  6. Remember when we moved into the new courthouse?  For about 6 months were acted more professionally.  Remember, we are modeling acceptable behavior to our clients.