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Why the name Goal30?

Goal is a simple word that carries positive meaning. Goal connotes movement, improvement, accomplishment.

30 comes from the fact that it takes at least 21 days to make or break a habit.Thirty seems an appropriate number.

Goal [gohl]

the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.

thir·ty [thur-tee]

A cardinal number 10 times 3; a symbol for this number.

October 2013 Goal30 for Tarrant County Family Lawyers

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A Message to all attorneys from Honorable Randy Catterton:

The Goal30 project is a much needed effort to restore the professionalism, integrity, honesty and trust that I believe the majority of attorneys in Tarrant County embrace. I encourage all attorneys in Tarrant County to sign the Goal30 Commitment and work to achieve those goals.  This includes those attorneys "who practice that way anyway", for we can never be too mindful.  

When I began practicing law in the early 1970's, a lawyer's word was his or her bond. If an agreement was reached, you knew that an order sent would reflect that agreement. Discovery was almost always done informally and often with just a phone call. Motions to Compel were very rare and "sanctions" towards another attorney were not requested and were not necessary. We treated each other respectfully and professionally. Unfortunately, those "old days" are gone. Lack of professionalism, honesty, respect and trust in the family law community is common place. Not only have disputes over discovery, scheduling, alleged agreements and other disputes caused problems for the attorneys, they have caused disruption in the courts and created unnecessary problems and expense for the clients whom we are supposed to protect and represent with their best interests as our goal. taken the commitment.

Your effort to restore an atmosphere of integrity and trust in the family law community is truly commendable. 


1) I will read the Texas Lawyer's Creed with an attitude of inspiration. 2) I will reflect on my personal habits and personality as they relate to the Creed. 3)I will conduct my professional activities in accordance with the Creed. 4) I will encourage three other attorneys to commit to Goal30.

Goal30 October 2013 is a group of individuals coming together as a community to make a change. In other words, the project is meant to be primarily a community project that is excuted by members of the community in a spirit of togetherness. This is different than just trying to get attorneys to “do a better job”. As a community, we support, encourage, and inspire each other to bring our behavior in line with the largely unspoken commitments we make by virtue of being a lawyers with clients. We know we can do better jobs. Knowing this is not enough to make create change. A group effort done as an experiment, if, for no other reason, can produce positive change.

Remember the Texas Lawyer’s Creed. The Creed is used as a basis for sanctions. Rather than view it as an aspirational goal, it is part of the unspoken statement of what you are saying that you will do when you are hired by a client. Integrity is doing what you say you will do, when you say you will do it. And, clearly and timely communicate to those affected if you cannot meet your commitment.  In the context of a professional career, we forget that commitments arise when we represent a client. For example, if a client hires you to represent her or her in a divorce, by implication, you are saying that you will be in court on time and prepared.

When a lawyer is not on-time to court, when he/she does not have the documents required by local rules with him/her at a temporary hearing, when we do not have pre-marked exhibit at final trial, when we set a hearing without checking with opposing counsel for dates, when we snipe at each other in front of the judge in an open courtroom, we are showing a lack of integrity and respect toward other.

What is the result? It is a domino effect of negatives, which begins with the increase in the level of stress experienced by ourselves, our client, increased frustration of opposing counsel and the judge. It makes our work lives harder, less efficient (i.e. less financially productive), and less fulfilling. And it does not provide a good reason for clients to pay us hundreds of dollars per hour.

Our profession is challenged by DIY forms, economic restraints and competition. The state of our specialty demands a change in our behavior. We must increase the perceived and actual value of our services to the public. We can no longer afford to do things the old way. 

Tarrant County Family Law practitioners base our self image on our the past as a cohesive, collegial bar. A  portion of that "self image" originates from activities outside the area of our profession. Goal30 is an opportunity to come together as a bar for a project that is based on our profession and includes support and connection within and among us.